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Jeremy Shockey-New Orleans Saints

Jeremy Charles Shockey (August 18, 1980) plays tight end for the New Orleans Saints. He was drafted by the New York Giants 14th overall in the 2002 NFL Draft.  He played college football at the University of Miami.

When asked about his eagle tattoo: “I didn’t want something [that] 20 years later I’d be, Why did I get this?” says Shockey, who got the inking — his first — in the summer. “It speaks for itself. I’m proud to live in this country, to have the right to express anything you want…. I’m very American.” The tattoo took 21 hours over three days, including a stretch of 16 straight hours. Says Shockey, “Six hours in I was, like, ‘Just keep going.’ Definitely painful.”


I’m fascinated with tattoos…but I don’t have one.

I have a dream of one day creating a book with all the NFL players that sport a tattoo. I would like to have a profile of the player and some awesome shots of their tats. Until then, I’ll see what I can post on a blog and start my own collection of NFL Ink.