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Jake Long- Miami Dolphins

Jake Edward Long (born May 9, 1985 in Lapeer, MI) is an offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins. He was drafted by the Dolphins first overall in the 2008 NFL Draft.  He played college football at Michigan. Previously he starred at Lapeer East High School in high school football, basketball and baseball. 

On June 16, 2004, following his freshman year, he was hospitalized in an ICU for smoke innhalation injuries when a house rented by nine Michigan Wolverine players caught fire. Long landed on a teammate’s automobile escaping the fire covered in soot at about 4:00 AM that Wednesday. Long was released from the  U of M Medical Center and was able to spend Father’s Day (June 20) back in Lapeer. When Long awoke to the sound of fire alarms, he attempted to exit his room, but was forced back by the smoke. He exited the building by jumping two floors after knocking out the screen in his bedroom window. Long endured procedures where tubes were put down his throat to suction black phlegm from his lungs at the hospital. The tubes also performed Long’s breathing while he lay unconscious for the first few days.

After surviving the fire during his second year of college, Long got a tattoo of Saint Joseph on his right bicep. His aunt had placed a card of the saint under his pillow while he was in the hospital in intensive care. He also has a tattoo of the family name on the back of his arm.  Jake also sports a tribal print on his left arm and a block  M in honor of his time at the U of  M.