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Mike Hart-Indianapolis Colts

Leon Michael “Mike” Hart or simply Mike Hart was born on April 9, 1986 in Syracuse, New York. Mike Hart is an American football running back for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. Mike Hart played college football at the University of Michigan, where he is the all-time leading rusher in the team’s history.

It was a Saturday night. His mother was in the front of the house hanging curtains. Mike Hart was in the back with his two younger brothers and older sister, keeping an eye on them, like he often did.

Mike Hart assumed his other sister, 2-year-old Kaitlyn, was with his mother in the front. His mother thought the little girl was in the back with the older kids.

No one saw her slip out the patio door and climb the four-foot ladder affixed to the aboveground pool. No one saw her enter the water.

When the family realized Kaitlyn was missing and frantically searched the house, it was Mike Hart who checked the pool. She was floating when he found her. He jumped in and hauled her to the side. His mother pulled her out and started CPR. His older sister called 911.

Rescuers estimated Kaitlyn was in the water for maybe a minute. She died on the way to the hospital.

Mike Hart was 8 years old.

Kaitlyn’s face is tattooed on his left arm. “Never Forgotten” is etched below it.  (–taken from

It made me have a different outlook on life,” Hart said of Kaitlyn’s death. “That’s why I say life is short. That’s why I walk around with a smile.” (